Thursday, August 9, 2018

(Backup) Aftermath

The next day, Jennifer and I went to the down of Millenocket to meet Becky, my mom, my sister and her husband who came to collect me  and celebrate

Now for a few days of family time. 

Day 29 Baxter Peak and the End!

This day hold be final day on my AT hike. We got u packed up and went to the ranger station to get my AT Hiker permit. Since i didn’t come in through the main gate I was required to have one.  After waiting 40 minutes we finally got going. 

The trail at the start was easy. And it had nice scenery. 

The weather was partly cloudy so we had good views 

The path up the mountain. quickly began a very challenging rock scramble. 

Towards the top the path flattened out. 

Finally after 4 hours we got to the top and took some pictures 

“The Archer” ( my trail name) finished. 

But we were not yet. What took 4 hours to climb would take 5’hours to descent.  Such was the ruggedness of the terrain. 

But we took time for pictures and rest 

We finally to the bottom. We made some supper and went to sleep content to have done our first climb together for many years. 

Day 28 to Katahdin Stream Campground.

With the 100 Miles Wilderness done, there are only 20 miles to go: 10 to Katahdin Stream Ground, 5 miles to the summit of Katahdin (Baxter Peak) and 10’baxk down. 

I got up broke camp and had breakfast at Abol Bridge Camground

Then I started the walk to Katahdin Stream Campground. 

After just a few minutes I got s view of Katahdin. 

Then entered the park’s south walk-in entrance. 

I signed in at the Kiosk

The path to KSC is called “the red carpet.”

But not all the way. There are Maine’s ever present rocks and roots. 

But ten miles went quickly and I arrived at KSC. I took the chance lay all my gear out to dry. In the background loomed Mt Katahdin

Jennifer and I had planned to meet at the KSC. So while I waited and my gear dried  I chatted several people. One young couple was from Ireland.  They were starting a two month trek to the south on the AT. They had lots of questions about ticks and bears and the 100 Mile Wilderness. 

Finally after about 4 hours Jennifer arrived. We made our plans for our climb up Katahdin the next day.  We spent a restful night in our own lean-to

10 miles 
2180 total At Miles
280 miles this trip 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Day 27 to Abol Bridge

In the night it began to rain.  And it rained almost all day. 

Instead of Hurd shelter at 11.7 miles

 I pushed on to Abol Bridge Campsite for a shower, laundry and a good meal. 

But along the way I saw evidence of beavers. 

The rain stopped in the early aftenoon only to start again at 7:30 pm

But I had done laundry had dinner and showered so I was ready to lie down and listen to the rain. 

15 miles
2175.8 total AT mles
15.1 to Katahdin

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Day 26 to Rainbow stream lean to

Today was a fairly uneventful day. I only had two days of food since I knew I’d be able to resupply at Abol Bridge. 

So I did the 15 miles easily because of the light weight of my pack and the gentleness of the terrain. 

Still there were some impressive rocks

Some pretty mushrooms 

One small Mountain to climb 

And views of Katahdin 

I camped by the Rainbow Stream Lean-to and had a quick dip in the stream to clean up.  Remarkabley l was able to cook and eat outside my tent because there were no bugs!

15 Miles
2160.8 total AT miles
30 miles to Katahdin!

Day 25 Zero at White House Landing

My zero day at Whilte House Landing started with Breakfast at 7:30 am (coffee at 7:15). Eggs, bacon, English Muffin, AYCE pancakes, orange juice.  

Today would be a day of rest after the first 5 days in the 100 Miles Wilderness. But I also needed resupply.  Thankfully the box with food etc has arrived so I had plenty until Katahdin. Stream campground. 

One of the nice things about my stay was meeting the other people and sharing stories. I met the founder/owner of Hyperlite.  

His company makes one of the most popular packs and equipment on the trail. (That’s Mike and Helena). 

Rob and his friend and doughnut and his wife and Trotter rounded out the conversation. But they all left after breakfast. 

So I cleaned up my gear and organized my food. 

Then I went kayaking, fishing and site seeing. 

There’s a loon in there somewhere. 

A great view of Mt Katahdin!

Zero miles
2145.2 total AT Miles 
45.7 to go!

Day 24 to White House landing

Fifth day in the 100 Mile Wildernesss. This morning I got up at 4:30 to leave at 5:30 am.  I wanted to get to White House Landing  in case I decided to make this day a “nero.”

I had 14 miles to do. But even so I had time to look around. 

One the the great tragedies of the North American forests is the total destruction of the American Beech tree by a type of fungus. Normally Beech bark is smooth and Grey. But this is what a diseased tree looks like. 

There is an evolution going on with the AT’s privies.  They must now all be wheelchair accessible. So no more like this ....

They must all look like this...

I got my first view of Mount Katahdin!

Oh and have mentioned the mushrooms. There are hundreds of varieties. Here’s a few ....

So I got to  the White House Landing dock (at 1:30 pm), which is about a mile from WHL. I used their two way radio to call them and in five minutes, Bill came to fetch me!

Coming up to White House Landing 

I spent a nice afternoon washing my clothes (by hand in a wash tube and chatting with the others. 

Supper was an huge hamburger and a 14” pizza (most of which I ate the next day. 

14 miles
2145.2 total AT Miles
45.7 to Katahdin